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We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

What is Transformation?

Love Matters

Love Matters are wisdom words from Fr. Thomas Keating spoken during the filming of the new series God is Love: The Heart of All Creation. Some are included in the series; others are from footage published here for the first time. A new word will be posted every Monday throughout the year. May they serve to inspire hope and lift your heart.

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English Transcript: 

I want to thank everyone who has undertaken the transformative process and Centering Prayer, in particular. Whatever method you are using, makes as partners and friends and admirers, and we can learn from each other.

No one has asked us to judge anybody, including ourselves. It's receiving the compassion of divine mercy and letting it flow on to others and doing this uninterruptedly; that is the transformation that is really substantial and certainly the one that makes sense in the Christian religion, but I see it pretty much offered in all the others.


Spanish Transcript: 

¿Qué es la transformación?

Quiero agradecer a todos los que han emprendido el proceso transformador y en especial la Oración Centrante. Cualquiera sea el método que estén usando, nos hace compañeros y amigos y admiradores mutuos, y podemos aprender unos de los otros.

Nadie nos ha pedido que juzguemos a nadie, incluyéndonos a nosotros. Es en recibir la compasión de la divina misericordia y dejar que fluya a otros, y hacerlo ininterrumpidamente, en lo que consiste la transformación que es realmente sustancial, y por cierto, la que tiene sentido en la religión cristiana, pero también veo que se ofrece en todas las otras religiones.



God Is Love