Voices 6: Pamela Begeman, Texas

Voices of Grace and Gratitude

Voices of Grace & Gratitude are joyful expressions of grace and gratitude from the worldwide community of Contemplative Outreach for the gift of Centering Prayer in their lives and its meaning for all creation. During this year of celebration of the 30th anniversary of Contemplative Outreach, a new video will be presented every Monday. May they serve to lift your hearts.

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English Transcript: 

In my religious training I had been taught that God was transcendent but I never knew that God was personal until I began Centering Prayer. And not only knew it but experienced it. And was opened to that truth and that .. I guess ... the truth that God is the Source of my being. And then, over time, the further revelation is that God is everywhere. So, not only transcendent, not only within, but in all things, in all people, in all creation. And, that in itself was a revelation of love. 


Spanish Transcript: 

En mi formación religiosa se me había enseñado que Dios era trascendente, pero nunca supe que Dios era personal hasta que empecé a practicar la Oración Centrante. Y no solo lo supe sino que lo experimenté. Y me abrí a la verdad de que Dios es la Fuente de mí ser. Y luego, con el correr del tiempo, a esto se le agregó la revelación de que Dios está en todas partes. Así que no solo es trascendente, no solo está en el interior, sino que está en todas las cosas, en todas las personas, en toda la creación. Y eso, en si mismo, fue una revelación de amor.

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