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We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

Voices 11: Lou Bachrodt, Florida

Voices of Grace and Gratitude

Voices of Grace & Gratitude are joyful expressions of grace and gratitude from the worldwide community of Contemplative Outreach for the gift of Centering Prayer in their lives and its meaning for all creation. During this year of celebration of the 30th anniversary of Contemplative Outreach, a new video will be presented every Monday. May they serve to lift your hearts.

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English Transcript: 

There’s a place there in the depth of prayer, in dedicating yourself to the love of Christ, love, Jesus Christ – whatever word you choose – it takes you to another place that is very special. And sometimes I do not practice this thing but there are times that I sit down and give it that deep, deep thought. It truly, truly really works. I have seen my wife get an immense amount of peace and quiet and tranquility and a very deep love of God because of that connection through Contemplative Outreach. This group of people – they’re just special. They’re just special.


Spanish Transcript: 

Hay un lugar allí, en lo profundo de la oración, al dedicarnos al amor de Cristo, al amor, a Jesucristo – no importa cómo lo llamemos – que nos lleva a otro lugar, muy especial. Y a veces yo no practico, pero hay otras veces en las que me siento y entro en ese pensamiento tan, tan profundo. Realmente, verdaderamente, funciona. He visto a mis esposa recibir una gran paz y quietud y tranquilidad y un muy profundo amor a Dios gracias a esa conexión a través del ContemplativeOutreach. Ese grupo de gente… son especiales. Simplemente, son especiales.

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