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David Wallace, TX, Centering Prayer: Just to Be is Delightful
Angel Peynado de Vega, Dominican Republic Centering Prayer: Transforming the Heart of the World Little by Little
Barbara Mariconda, CT, A Real and Personal Relationship with God Through Centering Prayer
Dan Michener, TX, Out of Centering Prayer: Knowing That All will be Well
Amanda Olmstead, MD, Young People, Trying to Save the World and Centering Prayer
Rosalia Martinez de Monillo, DR, Peace Through Centering Prayer
Merle Parker, AZ, Centering Prayer: Stay with It!
Tim Campion, CO, Centering Prayer: Helping One to Minister with Compassion in a Level 1 Trauma Center
Mery Acra de Melgen, DR, Everything is Possible with God
Paul Bozymowski, MN, Changes Borne of the Faithful Practice of Centering Prayer
Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler, NJ, Centering Prayer: A Simple Prayer with Profound Effects
John Congdon, CO, Who We are in God and One in Each Other
Fran Victor, AK, Centering Prayer and a Rhythm of Life
Daisy Begeman, TX, The Transformative Effects of Centering Prayer
Suzan Sweeney, Ohio, See God in Myself and Everybody: A Gift of Centering Prayer
Armand Proulx, Connecticut, The Stillness Borne of Centering Prayer
JoAnn Rivera, Colorado The Importance of Contemplative Outreach
Amanda Olmstead, Maryland Opening New Doors of God and Self Awareness: A Young Person’s Experience
Voices 104: Wiltrud Fassbinder, PA, Centering Prayer and Surrendering to the Presence of God Herenow
Voices 103: Fr. Tom Lynch, CT, Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina
Voices 102: Irene Martin, CO, Centering Prayer and the Eleventh Step
Voices 101: Harriet Lee Weening, NJ, Through Centering Prayer A Miracle of Inclusivity
Voices 100: John Earle, CA, Centering Prayer and Awareness of the Presence of God in all Creation
Voices 99: Christin Reichman, AK, From Centering Prayer, More Time to Respond
Voices 98: Laurie Erickson, MN, Centering Prayer Transforms Ourselves and We Serve as Conduits for Transforming the World