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As with all of you, Fr. Thomas and Centering Prayer have changed and enriched our lives so very much. We are so blessed to have had him as a mentor and friend. I would like to post a lighter remembrance of him. Having met him in the early 1980's as Contemplative Outreach and some of its programs such as Living Flame were being formed, we were very blessed to have him stay at our home several times. I remember one occasion in the early morning after my husband, John, had gone to his office, it was my honor to make breakfast for him. Asking what he would like, he oh so politely asked for one poached egg. I panicked! I did not know how to make a poached egg! He kindly put it together in a small bowl, covered by water, and cooked it to perfection in my microwave. It is a lesson I have never forgotten and I think of him each time I make one for myself . . . like this morning! It is a small memory filled with love and a smile remembering that precious day!