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For Thomas Keating: Your Prayers and Stories

Photo by Cynthia McAdoo

Share a prayer for Fr. Thomas Keating or a story about what he and his teachings have meant in your life.
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When I opened my emails Friday morning and learned Fr. Thomas died the night before ( - or- was born into eternal life) a deep wave of sorrow came over me. I never met him, and only know him through his books, CD’s, DVD’s, and this course. But the sorrow was so intense I realized I was experiencing grief and mourning as if a close family member died. It lasted the whole day. I remember wondering, how long will this last, and wondering, is this how awful I will feel when my mother is calle... Read more
I have never in my life shed tears for someone who has died that I didn't know personally, however when I hear of Fr. Thomas Keating's death, I did so. I never had the opportunity to meet him, however through his books and videos, I seem to have developed a real relationship with him. It is truly amazing how many lives he has touched in such a deep way. May God grant him that final letting go. I pray for peace for all who will miss him, as I know I will.
From Dublin Ireland: Two of his video taped workshops crossed my desk in 1998 as I was working for a television company in Ireland. I was requested to convert Thomas's two videos from NTSC (American Television Standard) to PAL (European Television Standard). This all needed to be done in real time and as such I watched both master tapes from start to finish. Having previously read many sacred texts from various religious traditions and having participated in many spiritual endeavours I was ... Read more
I am so grateful for Father Thomas! He will always be in my heart!
Upon awakening on the morning of Father Keating's death for some 'mysterious' unknown reason, I was compelled to binge-watch his series on Love Matters. As I reflect and consider what it is I would like to express at this moment, I am reminded of the episode about playing games with God. I believe that best articulates my feeling: that I found Father Keating while we both playing a game of Hide & Seek with God. It's a field we've been playing in forever. The depth of his impact on me is fatho... Read more
I truly found God through Father Keating, and it is because of him and Father Merton, as well as St Thomas Aquinas, that I became a Catholic. Father Keating's spirit will be deeply and painfully missed.
I too wish to honor the life of this precious teacher whose life immeasurably impacted mine. I was guided by the Spirit to Centering Prayer in Jan 2017 and first heard Father Keating in the shared retreat with Father Richard Rohr called "Healing our violence through Centering Prayer". Then his 2 volume "The Contemplative Journey" helped me learn more on how to stay in this marvelous journey of knowing God through finding him in each moment, and learning to let go of our ego mind to allow the co... Read more
"The ultimate complement to a teacher is that he is no longer needed". Fr. Thomas, you have changed my life and given me a body of work to last for my lifetime. You have given me the tools to move on. Be at peace with the universe now. You are no longer needed by me and your students. But I will MISS you so much. And the world itself does need more of what you taught.
My first exposure to Fr Keating was in the early 1990s through the two-volume set of audio tapes entitled The Contemplative Journey. I was immediately drawn in by his wisdom, wit and humor. I listened to those tapes every day on my way to and from work, labeling my favorite ones with silver stars so I could easily locate segments and relisten, over and over. He shared so much of his own journey and so many of his stories I will never forget. I recall bursting out with laughter when he told the o... Read more
Thank you, Fr. Keating, your teachings (which I received through books, audiobooks and YouTube videos) taught me so much! Contemplative prayer changed my life. Hope to meet you in eternity… Portugal, Europe