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For Thomas Keating: Your Prayers and Stories

Photo by Cynthia McAdoo

Share a prayer for Fr. Thomas Keating or a story about what he and his teachings have meant in your life.
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At some point in my browsing and reading the Contemplative Outreach and Spirituality and Practice e-mails, I first read the name Thomas Keating. I think it was reading a course produced by Cynthia Bourgeault that I was introduced to Fr Keatings - Centering Prayer. At the time I was searching for something to improve my prayer life but I had difficulty with this method of prayer until I read Cynthia's story of how Thomas told the nun that she "had 1000 opportunities to return to God" when 1000... Read more
I'm remembering a night in November, 1983 when I called St. Benedict Monastery in Snowmass to inquire about possible spiritual direction. I had recently moved to Rifle Colorado, and I was 'longing' for spiritual connection. My silent prayer was promptly granted, Father Thomas answered the phone. He explained to me that there were not many Monks, so spiritual direction wasn't available. He then said he was going to meet with a few others the next week to talk about Monastic Prayer and invi... Read more
Since college (1955-59), I was always drawn to those who wrote about contemplative thought ( Thomas Merton, Tuillard De Chardin etc.). Then in 1980 I met Marge Rafftery, Largo, Florida, who invited me to learn about Centering Pray and first introduced me to her group which was part of Contemplative Outreach. Since that time I had been practicing Centering Prayer intermittently with her group. In 2006, Mary Sweeney, a member of Marge's group, and I started at small group at our parish, St. Cathe... Read more
You speak the words of everlasting love and life. You made room for me in your "counsel" and I benefitted enormously. I have never stopped with Lectio since I met you at Old Snowmass retreat 20 years ago. Oneness with God's love is my deepest desire. My hope is that I too am letting God lead me, all of myself, toward Him and inviting others along the way. In gratitude and love, Gina, Vashon Island, WA.
Bihotzez, eskerrik asko, aita Thomas... Zure bihotz handiko isiltasun goxoak gurekin jarraituko du betirako...bertan, aitarengan, jarraituko dugu elkartzen, fedean eta esperantzan... Egun handira arte!!
Centering Prayer saved my life. I was in a place of doubt and confusion about who I was, where my life was going, and what kind of God was leading me there. When I read 'Open Mind Open Heart' in 1994, I realized I had found a practice, and in a way, a spiritual Abba in Thomas. He said God will bring people, events, books and more into your life if you are faithful and open to the spiritual journey. AMEN! And the type of God he professed and, I'm sure, experienced in his own life at times, one o... Read more
With deepest respect, and on behalf of Spiritual Growth Ministries, I want to acknowledge the impact of Fr Keating's work on the depth of people's intimacy with God here in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our Spiritual Directors Formation Programme draws on his work. The formation of Presbyterian Ministers at Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership teaching Centering Prayer. My own intensive at Snowmass was a scrumptious part of my own journey. I have no doubt, the ripple effect of Thomas' work will conti... Read more
Over 14 years ago, I used to wake every morning with a panic attack. I was on antidepressants, but still the panic was around. My therapist suggested meditation and it was then that I discovered Centering Prayer. I went to a introductory workshop, started a daily practice, and found a group where I could participate. Then, shorty after, Father Thomas came to Austin and I was privileged to hear him for the first time in person. As we waited in the sanctuary and chatted, suddenly the room fel... Read more
My first retreat at Snowmass was many years ago in the still and depth of winter. One morning Pat Johnson whispered to me that I was expected down at the Monastery’s small chapel for an one on one interview with Father Thomas at 1PM. This was unexpected. I hiked down in the fresh deep snow, the tapes in my head were reeling with the noise of uncertainty. The ante room was cold, the interview room door closed with light on, I assumed an interview underway. At 1, it appeared the interview was go... Read more
Dear Thomas Keating, Your infinitely big heart and mind changed us all. Thank you.