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For Thomas Keating: Your Prayers and Stories

Photo by Cynthia McAdoo

Share a prayer for Fr. Thomas Keating or a story about what he and his teachings have meant in your life.
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I turned to Contemplative Outreach and Spirituality and Practice when I felt rudderless, having lost my previous spiritual supports. I have followed several online retreats since then and am so grateful for Fr Thomas's teachings, which have helped me to let go of much of what I believed to be essential. I am happy he is now enjoying that unity with God of which he spoke and am sure he will continue to guide us.
Thank you, dear Fr Thomas, for teaching us how to pray, how to live. Anastazija Komljenovic Croatia, EU
Thank you Fr Thomas. With God, you have left us a mark of God’s presence and action within. Rest In Peace
Thank you Fr Thomas. With God, you have left us a mark of God’s presence and action within. Rest in peace
As a new Contemplative Outreach Coordinator I told Fr. Thomas I didn’t attend a church and was worried this might reflect negatively on Contemplative Outreach, since many were asking what church I belonged to. His response was totally nonjudgmental, wise, and practical - “Just tell them you don’t currently attend one.” - Germantown, MD, USA
Fr. taught me Love, though centering prayer,I am ever so grateful for his teachings. He will be missed,but going to be with Our Lord is better then here. I never met him but felt like I have.Ive watched him on YouTube, and have read his books. Good Bless his soul, thank you Fr.Thomas
He was an inspiration to me... He helped me develop what became my Religious Vocation to God & I hope He is given an opportunity to place before the Congregation for the Causes of Saints a proposal for potential consideration as I would love to assist with that effort if it ever arose. He truly was a miracle worker for me. He taught me to see GOD and approach Him with a completely different set of eyes, ears, and witness. I will never be the same again as he totally transformed my life. I have h... Read more
I first met Fr. Keating on a video tape. It was a awesome production of an introduction to Contemplation. His warmth and his holiness shone through each tape. God grant him HEAVENLY rest!
Love and openness - Father Keating taught both. Your words and teachings will continue to impact many hearts and souls, and foster deepening relationships with a loving God. May you shine bright now in His eternal embrace. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, Father Keating.
Thank you Father Thomas for your life. I appreciate your encouragement for those of us in 12 step recovery to adhere ourselves to practicing our steps, upholding our traditions and dedication to centering prayer. Rest In Peace friend, Jimmy C.