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For Thomas Keating: Your Prayers and Stories

Photo by Cynthia McAdoo

Share a prayer for Fr. Thomas Keating or a story about what he and his teachings have meant in your life.
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In gratitude for the life and teachings of Thomas Keating: Contemplation In the gentle Silence of empty space, in confidence, in contentment, and with the freedom of forgiveness, "There", I behold the Sacred. With courage and simple joy, in effortless solidarity, "There" I behold the Holy. "There", my awareness awakens: a glimpse, a mini transformation, a momentary glance of Goodness. And yet, fragmenting filters in with life's living, it'... Read more
Aloha, Father Thomas. I appreciate the Contemplative Outreach Website and e-bulletin with all of the pictures, testimonies, and links concerning Abbott Joseph and Fr Thomas. Thank you to everyone who represented our community by participating in the Denver memorial Mass and many thanks to those who made the Mass and the Prayer Vigil available worldwide. The online resources helped us to feel connected from different timezones and distant locations. Fortunately, our Contemplative Outreach ... Read more
I just finished watching the Thomas Keating memorial Mass service streamed live from Denver, Co. I was deeply moved and often in tears of gratitude for the legacy he left us. His gift of Centering Prayer completely changed myself and my world view. I met him once years ago at a day workshop in a Chicago church. He gave his talk sitting on the altar in a huge rocking chair. When the day was over we were invited to individually greet him. When it was my turn, I shook his hand and thanked him f... Read more
Father Thomas has given us a great gift. It is now our opportunity (and challenge) to fully unwrap this gift and to let it do its good work on us. As we are transformed, then it comes to us to carry on the work God has initiated in us through Fr Thomas, each in our own way, as we are lead. Father Thomas, I will miss your heart, your mind, and your physical presence. The conversations, the moments of abiding in silence, and the hugs. God Bless and carry you onward to Glory!
(Nairobi, Kenya) I was introduced to Fr. Thomas Keating and his teachings in August 2018, by my priest and friend, Fr. Martin. Through "The Method of Centering Prayer" videos, I started my baby steps on centering prayer a month later. Now his voice ".....ever so slowly, return to the Sacred word...." rings at any distraction. The sorrow is unexplainable. Thank you Fr. Keating for all the resources you have made available.
We are 25 French-speaking Canadians (province of Quebec) gathered in a 10-day post-intensive retreat. We are united - more than ever - with Father Keating and all the great family of Contemplative Outreach. Some of us have had the pleasure of meeting Father Thomas in Snowmass and over 200 have participated in a retreat given by Father Thomas in 2009 in Montreal. Thanks Father Keating. You changed our life. Nous sommes 25 francophones canadiens (province de Québec) réunis dans une retraite pos... Read more
Father Keating came to Boulder about 15 years ago to give a talk at Naropa University. He’s one of my heroes as well as someone who has changed my life for the better, so of course my wife and I went to his talk. He’s a lot bigger in person than I imagined, and I was thrilled to discover that in person he represents everything he talks about in his books and videos. That night he talked for a couple hours with no notes, making fun of himself and everyone else, and then mixing in profound ide... Read more
All glory and honour to God the Father and Jesus Christ through the holy Spirit. Father Keating was a non dual guiding light among Christian leaders and unique among Catholic preists. His wisdom and insite into the path to union with God revealed that he was so fully surrendered to God himself that I beleive it was probably God teaching us many times and Fr Keating was just a tool or vehicle. Along the wide and easy road to destruction that many are on, there is a narrow little side path that... Read more
I never had the opportunity to meet Fr. Keating in person but I surely can say I met him through every lesson, every word I watched through videos and recording for the 2018 The Spiritual Journey e-course. Thanks Father Thomas for this wonderful legacy, thank you for your interest in wanting other people be involved in Centering Prayer and the Spiritual Journey. Centering Prayer is a blessing in my life, it’s my rock in all moments difficult and good. United to the community in pray... Read more
Father Keating gave me an awareness that God dwells within me moment to moment and that we are all one. His message was always about Love & Respect for ourselves, neighbors and everything in the cosmos. Father Thomas taught me to see God everywhere, whether my eyes were open or closed. You will live in my heart for all eternity!