Contemplative Discernment

A Journey of Discernment
with the teachings of Mary Margaret Funk and other contemplative voices

This e-course explores the contemplative approach to discerning the small and large decisions in life, which comes from cultivating a life practice of unceasing prayer (whatever types of prayer that may encompass for you). Discernment means sorting our thoughts and following the impulse of grace given by the Holy Spirit. As Sr. Meg writes, "Since we are not our thoughts, we can observe them rising and follow the ones that are from God." This is a way of coming more awake and discovering the spark of divinity burning in our hearts.
The course combines email and video teachings. You can expect:

- Email teachings sent with the start date and pace that you choose
- Mini-practices to root a practice of contemplative discernment in your own life
- Video excerpts of an unpublished talk that Sr. Meg gave on Discernment Matters
- Excerpts from Sr. Meg's books and a recorded interview with her

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