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2004 Summer
PDF icon 2004spr-sum.pdf

What Can We Do? by Fr. Thomas Keating
The basic oneness of the human family, intuited by the mystics of all religions, is reinforced by the discoveries of particle...

2003-2004 Winter
PDF icon newsletter_fall-winter2003-04.pdf

Peacemaking by Fr. Thomas Keating
Almost everybody wants peace, especially those who are fighting for what they think it is.

2003 Summer
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Towards Global Transformation: Reflections on John 1:1-14 by Fr. Thomas Keating
In the Johanine community out of which this gospel emerges, there evidently were very...

2002-2003 Winter
PDF icon newsletter11-02.pdf

Shattered Vision by Fr. Thomas Keating
Just as Abraham became the father of all who have faith by renouncing the possibility of an heir, so Joseph became the husband...

2001-2002 Winter
PDF icon spring2002.pdf

The Theological Foundations of Contemplative Outreach Part II by Fr. Thomas Keating
The sharing of this prayer insofar as it is fruitful, transforming, and life...

2001 Summer
PDF icon cosummer2001.pdf

The Theological Foundations of Contemplative Outreach Part I A Commentary by Fr. Thomas Keating
Contemplative Outreach is a spiritual network of individuals and small...

2000-2001 Winter
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The Divine Indwelling by Fr. Thomas Keating
For most people, ordinary life is characterized by the sense that God is absent. Yet, a little metaphysics would alert us...

2000 January - August
PDF icon vol13no2_january-august2000.pdf

Volume 13, Number 2

  • The Seven Gifts of the Spirit
  • Letter from the Executive Director
  • Contemplative Outreach Vision Statement and Theological...
2000 June
PDF icon vol14no2_march2000.pdf

Volume 14, Number 2

  • A Traditional Blend
  • Letter from the Executive Director
  • Annual Meeting of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.
1999 July - 2000 February
PDF icon vol13no1_july1999-february2000.pdf

Volume 13, Number 1

  • The Fruits of the Spirit
  • Letter from the Executive Director
  • The Question Corner
  • About Contemplative Outreach