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We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

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2008-2009 Winter

The Crescendo of Violence by Fr. Thomas Keating
The only fully adequate alternative to utmost violence is utmost charity: the practice of mutual love in personal...

2008 Summer

The Four You's by Fr. Thomas Keating
Let us tune into the level of our being that is more us than we normally perceive ourselves to be. A series of questions might...

2007-2008 Winter

Breathed by the Spirit by Fr. Thomas Keating
Jesus breathed on his disciples on the evening of his resurrection saying, "Receive the Holy Spirit". There is thus no...

2007 Summer

The Vision of Contemplative Outreach by Fr. Thomas Keating
What is the primary focus of the unity of Contemplative Outreach as a network? I think it is to maintain the...

2006-2007 Winter

Psychology and the Spiritual Journey by Fr. Thomas Keating
The field of psychology as an experiential science has to be taken into account by the world's religions and...

2006 Summer

Experiences of Interreligious Dialogue Fr. Thomas Keating interviewed by Netanel Miles-Yepez
Netanel Miles-Yepez: How did a good Roman Catholic and Cistercian monk...

2005-2006 Winter

Homily for the Funeral of Dom Basil Pennington by Fr. Thomas Keating
This homily was delivered at the funeral of Fr. Basil Pennington on June 10, 2005.
Welcome to...

2005 Summer

The Wedding Feast of Cana by Fr. Thomas Keating
Our salvation actually began at the wedding feast of Cana when the seed of faith was sown in the minds and hearts of...

2004-2005 Winter

Centering Prayer by Fr. Keating
Centering Prayer is a contemporary name for the practice that Jesus describes as "prayer in secret" in the Sermon on the Mount. When...

2004 Summer

What Can We Do? by Fr. Thomas Keating
The basic oneness of the human family, intuited by the mystics of all religions, is reinforced by the discoveries of particle...