How does the practice of Lectio Divina in a Centering Prayer group differ from the private practice of Lectio Divina?

Lectio Divina is primarily a private prayer. It is a way of praying the Scriptures. When prayed privately, the movements of the prayer are free-flowing, responding to the movements of the Spirit within. However, Lectio Divina can be adapted to a group setting. The primary difference is that the facilitator moves the group through the different moments as a group.  A prayer group leader can lead a Lectio Divina session, provided they have a basic understanding of the format of the Lectio Divina method. Another difference could be faith sharing.  Many groups take time to share the word or phrase that presented itself to them, or the ponderings that came up, or the prayer that came from their heart. Whatever it is that they feel safe to share in the group. This faith sharing sometimes continues the group’s pondering and informs their lives.