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We embrace the process of transformation in Christ, both in ourselves and in others, through the practice of Centering Prayer.

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Titlesort descending File Updated Category
12-Step Mission and Purpose Card 12-step-mission-purpose-card.pdf 12/14/2012 Twelve Step
150 Psalms for singing 150_psalms.pdf 09/14/2017
2013 Circle of Service Report Annual Conference Snowmass, Colorado October 24 - 27, 2013 cos-report-2013.pdf 11/22/2013
2014 Annual Report 2014_cos_annual_report.pdf 11/17/2014
30 Years of Grace and Gratitude contemplative_outreach_30_years.pdf 08/08/2014 Centering Prayer, Contemplative Spirituality, The Practice of Contemplative Living
Application Letter for Nine Month Course nine-month-application-letter2012-2013.pdf 06/04/2012 The Practice of Contemplative Living
Az Odaadás Imája, Centering Prayer Brochure, Hungarian translation cp-hungarian2010.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer 12-step Outreach cp_12-step_outreach_brochure.pdf 12/06/2011 Centering Prayer, Twelve Step
Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina centering-prayer-lectio-divina-transcript.pdf 08/08/2014 Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, Spiritual Journey
Centering Prayer and the Carmelite Contemplative Tradition cp-carmelite-contemplative-trad.pdf 11/18/2015 Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer And The Catechism of the Catholic Church catechism_and_centering_prayer.pdf 02/01/2017 Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer Baen samlpykkisins, Centering Prayer Brochure, Icelandic translation cp-iceland-baeklingur.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer Brochure, Czechia translation cp_modlitba_souhlasu_final.pdf 02/28/2019 Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer Brochure, Korean translation cp-korean.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer Brochure, Maltese translation cp-maltese.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer Brochure, Mandarin Chinese translation cp-chinese.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer Brochure, Polish Translation cp-polish.pdf 04/17/2012 Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer Norwegian Translation, Sentrerende Bønns Metode cp-norwegian.pdf 04/15/2015 Centering Prayer
Centrerende bons metode, Centering Prayer Brochure, Danish translation cp-danish.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
De Methode van het Innerlijk Gebed, Centering Prayer Brochure, Dutch translation cp-dutch.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
Deepening of Contemplative Living - Nine Month Course Brochure nine-month-course-sl-1.pdf 06/04/2012 The Practice of Contemplative Living
Die Methode des Zentrierenden Gebetes, Centering Prayer Brochure, German translation cp-german.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
El Método de la Oración Centrante, Centering Prayer Brochure, Spanish translation cp-spanish.pdf 01/04/2012 Centering Prayer
Folleto de Lectio Divina folleto_de_lectio_divina.doc 01/05/2018 Lectio Divina
Four Approaches to the Practice of Lectio Divina - Thomas Keating fr._keating-four_approaches_to_ld.pdf 08/24/2018 Lectio Divina