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Title File Updated Category
Prayer Group Definition of Terms Download 12/14/2011 Prayer Groups
Q&A with Fr. Carl J. Arico On or Related to Centering Prayer Download 04/10/2012 Centering Prayer, Contemplative Spirituality
Q&A with Fr. Carl J. Arico On or Related to Lectio Divina Download 04/10/2012 Lectio Divina, Contemplative Spirituality
Q&A with Fr. Carl J. Arico On or Related to the Spiritual Journey Download 04/10/2012 Contemplative Spirituality, Spiritual Journey
Reaching Out to the World Video Download 10/16/2013
Reading the Bible Lectio Divina brochure Download 07/12/2017 Lectio Divina
Support for Centering Prayer Practice Download 09/11/2012 Centering Prayer
Surrendering to Love Download 05/16/2019 Father Thomas Keating
The Centering Prayer Introductory Program brochure BW Download 05/25/2018 Centering Prayer
The Christian Contemplative Tradition Paper by Fr. Thomas Keating Download 07/03/2017 Contemplative Spirituality, The Practice of Contemplative Living
The Living Flame Brochure - B&W Word version Download 07/08/2019 The Living Flame
The Practice of Visio Divina Download 03/07/2019
The Practice of Welcoming Prayer by Cherry Haisten Download 01/02/2012 Welcoming Prayer
The Responsibilities of an International Chapter of Contemplative Outreach Download 12/14/2011 Prayer Groups
The Vision of Contemplative Outreach Download 07/16/2018
The Welcoming Prayer Brochure, A4 size Download 10/13/2016 Welcoming Prayer, Retreats, Workshops
The Welcoming Prayer Method with Tips Download 04/21/2018 Welcoming Prayer
The Works of Thomas Keating - Brochure Download 11/06/2012 Centering Prayer, Contemplative Spirituality, The Practice of Contemplative Living, Father Thomas Keating
Thomas Keating: Transcript of interview recorded December 18, 2017 Download 12/28/2017
Transcript - Fr. Thomas Advent/Christmas/Epiphany blessing Download 11/27/2017 Centering Prayer, Liturgy, Father Thomas Keating
Transcript for Word of the Week 2018: Session 1 video, "Invited into the Fire" Download 01/05/2018 Centering Prayer, Father Thomas Keating
Transcript: "The Peace of Jesus" - Word of the Week, May 20, 2018 Download 05/18/2018
Transcript: “The Present Moment and All That Is” Download 01/26/2019
Welcoming Prayer Enrichment/Formation Workshop - Application Download 04/25/2018
Welcoming Prayer Printable Brochure Download 09/15/2017 Welcoming Prayer