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Welcoming Prayer Introductory Workshop

Sat, 13 Apr 2019

Welcoming Prayer Workshop

10 AM - 3 PM
St Gabriel Catholic Church
3016 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC

The Welcoming Prayer addresses the question, "when my Centering Prayer time is over, what is my next step?". The class will provide you the opportunity to learn and experience a prayer practice that allows you to transform your response to both the challenges and ordinariness of everyday life. In short, the opportunity to make choices free of the false self system, responding from a stance of freedom rather than fear.

It is about letting go and opening space for God to dismantle the false-self system (fear, anger, jealousy, wrong motives, approval, addiction, etc.) and heal the wounds of a lifetime by addressing them where they are stored–––in the body. As things surface one learns to not bury, not avoid, not step around, but “welcome.” In this way, the Welcoming Prayer supports all forms of prayer and moves one toward wholeness and divine transformation.

Tom Benson is a practitioner of Centering Prayer for many years. He has attended multiple Contemplative Outreach retreats and workshops and now serves as the Chapter Coordinator for Contemplative Outreach of Central North Carolina. Tom is a Commissioned Presenter for the Welcoming Prayer Workshop and the Centering Prayer Introductory Workshop.


St Gabriel Catholic Church

3016 Providence Road
28211 Charlotte , NC
United States
North Carolina US
1 days
Southeastern US
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