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That We May Be One continues to build on the works of Thomas Keating over the past 30+ years.

Lectio Divina Practice -DVD

Lectio Divina - Praying the scriptures - a learning by heart - meaning allowing the scriptures to penetrate your heart and change you.

Thomas Keating: A Rising Tide of Silence DVD

Photographer and author Peter C. Jones makes a noteworthy debut with his reflective portrait of his uncle, Father Thomas Keating, one of today's most influential living spiritual leaders. Interweaving historical footage, biographical documentation, interviews with friends and colleagues, and extensive conversations with Father Keating himself, the film traces a fascinating personal and spiritual life.

Falling Into the Hands of God

Thomas Keating explores the deepening that comes from the new information from science and evolution into the Mystery  of God. He talks about the games that God plays with us and how this impacts on our daily living.


The Gift of Life: Death & Dying, Life & Living offers a vision of hope and a view of reality that counter the cultural norms that view death as a tragedy, or the end of living, or an entry into harsh judgment and retribution.  English and Spanish subtitles available.

God is All in All

God is All in All                                

“One God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” –Ephesians 4:6 (NAB)

2 DVD Set
Filmed at the 2012 Contemplative Outreach annual conference in Snowmass Colorado, which celebrated the spiritual bond between St. Benedict’s Monastery and Contemplative Outreach.


A Transformed Life with Sister Maria Tasto

by Sister Maria Tasto

A new DVD and Guidebook course -  all about making positive CHANGES... for yourself, for your group.

The Spiritual Journey Series: Part I - Developing Centering Prayer and the Spiri

6 DVD Set includes: Intro: Attitudes towards God, Prayers as Relating to God, Four Levels of Scriptural Experience, Toward Resting in God, Centering Prayer as Method . . .

God Is Love – The Heart of All Creation

God is Love: The Heart of All Creation Series continues and builds on the works of Thomas Keating over the past 30+ years, beginning with the Spiritual Journey series. It offers a vision of hope and a view of reality that at once integrates the sciences, religion and humankind’s place in the cosmos as divine in origin, unifying in purpose, unfolding in its grandeur.