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The Incarnation Means that Christ is in Relationship to Every
The First Thing for Religions Today
Spiritual Not Religious
The Liberating Openness to Spiritual Truths
The Presence of Christ:  In All and In Each
Christ: Brought the Divine Nature into Humanity for All Time
Enriching Wisdom of The Human Family Through All Religions
A New Attitude Toward Missionary Work
A New Vision of Humanity
A Plan in Creation
The Benefits of Centering Prayer
Terri Murphy, CO, Gratefulness and Centering Prayer
Christine Eleazar, PI, Centering Prayer and the Divine Therapist
Gay Bullard, TX, Centering Prayer and the Moments of Surrender
Luis Garcia Dubus, DR, Centering Prayer and Being Surrounded by the Awareness of God
Pamela Begeman, TX, Centering Prayer and Moving Deeper and Deeper in Awareness of the Presence of God
Elizabeth Parmlind, NJ, The Fruits of Centering Prayer: Becoming Move Loving, More Forgiving, More Able to Change
Irene Martin, CO, Centering Prayer: An Opportunity for Healing
David Wallace, TX, Centering Prayer: Just to Be is Delightful
Angel Peynado de Vega, Dominican Republic Centering Prayer: Transforming the Heart of the World Little by Little
Barbara Mariconda, CT, A Real and Personal Relationship with God Through Centering Prayer
Dan Michener, TX, Out of Centering Prayer: Knowing That All will be Well
Amanda Olmstead, MD, Young People, Trying to Save the World and Centering Prayer
Rosalia Martinez de Monillo, DR, Peace Through Centering Prayer
Merle Parker, AZ, Centering Prayer: Stay with It!